Some impromptu photos and videos shot during a training night can be viewed in our google page


I saw youtube clips by a butoku-something group. Are they yours too?
They are not; it's just a coincidence of name. Sorry, we do not. Sorry, we do not. The recommended minimum age is 17.
We believe that kids would learn more from Judo than from Aiki arts.


  • Giles's Chinese Medicine Clinic
  • Local Clubs
  • Kodokan Judo at the Shudokan Dojo

    Goju-kai Karate at the Shudokan Dojo

    A non-profit BJJ group in Clifton Hill

  • Affiliated Clubs
  • University of Western Australia Aikido Club

    Luton Aikido Club, UK

  • Fun Links
  • A woodworker's advice for starting a martial art

    Judo master K. Mifune gives a demonstration of aiki

    An observation of Steven Seagal's skills, in reggee form, with subtitles