Visitors, Casuals, Members

  • Visiting
  • The door usually opens at 5.50 pm. Come then and have a chat if you can. If not, just turn up at the training time - don't worry if you're late - and someone will look after you.

    If you decide to join the fun, we will charge you $10 and you get two sessions ($5/session, which is less than half of the casual mat fee). It's best if you try at least 2 sessions because each class is different. Tuesday is more technical whereas Thursday is more dynamic.

    Beginners may wear loose comfortable clothes without belts or buckles. We would like you to cut your toe and finger nails, and to remove any jewellery before getting on the mats. If you have a gi, please bring it.

  • Casuals
  • You do not have to be a member to train. Casual fee is $11/session for irregulars and walk-ins, or for members who choose to pay this way.

  • Cross-Trainers
  • If you are a member of either Judo or Karate at the Shudokan Budo Academy, then you pay $9/session casual fee.

  • Members
  • Members enjoy the following privileges:
    - Right to pay monthly (cheaper than casual per-session fee).
    - Right to be graded (no additional grading fee, BYO belt).
    - Right to attend seminars by Fujimori and Brett Sensei.
    - Right to be elected and participate in the club council.

    There is a one-off $20 fee to join. The discounted monthly fee for members is $75/month. At the start of every month a member can elect whether to pay monthly or by sessions.