Shudokan Dojo
170 Albert St, Brunswick
Victoria 3056

6pm-7.30 pm
6pm-7.30 pm

Melbourne Aikijujutsu Club Inc. is a small non-profit martial art club in Brunswick, Victoria. We aim to provide affordable and high quality martial art training to the local community. The club is dedicated for training in Butoku-ryu Aikijujutsu, founded by Fujimori Akira.

Our training could be described as small circle aikido, one student liked to call it,'aikido with attitude'.

We are an open and friendly bunch, the training has attitude but we don't. Casuals, drop-ins and cross-trainers are welcome.


Feb 7th, 2017
Tags: aikijujutsu, aikido, self-defence, martial arts, Brunswick
Author: Aasa

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